Interested in Becoming a Poll Worker

What are Poll Workers?

Poll Workers are people that work at the polling places on election day. There are five (5) different positions at each polling place: Certified Clerk, Certified Assistant Clerk, Certified Tabulator Inspector, Certified EPB Ballot Inspector and Election Deputy.

How Can I Become a Poll Worker?
You may call the Supervisor of Elections Office, 941-741-3823, and request a poll worker application, or you may complete an Online Application. You will be contacted when you are selected to work.




The Certified Clerk is in charge of the Precinct and is ultimately responsible for the performance of the precinct on election day. Clerks are required to have poll worker experience and complete a certification course.

The Certified Assistant Clerk is the "secretary" of the precinct and does much of the paper work during the day, along with assisting the Clerk in every way possible. Assistant Clerks are required to have poll worker experience and complete a certification course.

The Certified Tabulator Inspector assists the Clerk in setting up the tabulator on election morning, offers instruction to the voter on the proper procedure for processing their ballot through the tabulator, and assists the Clerk with transmitting the ballot tabulation to the Supervisor of Elections office at the end of the day. This position requires an initial training course prior to election appointments and state mandated election training.

The Certified EPB Ballot Inspector - a minimum of two EPB Ballot Inspectors will be assigned to each polling location and will be trained on the EPB (Electronic Poll Book) which processes the voters as they enter the polling room. Voters will present photo & signature ID to verify eligibility.  The EPB Ballot Inspector will scan ID into the EPB or manually look up voter information, verifying voter's eligibility and correct location. You verify the ballot information on the screen and give voter the correct ballot, then direct to voting booth. This requires the EPB Ballot Inspector to be computer friendly (if you can retrieve e-mail then you can work this piece of equipment) and to follow step by step instructions.  EPB Ballot Inspectors will be responsible for the set up, use and end of night procedures.  **In the event of extended power failure - traditional precinct registers poll lists (PR/PL) will be used. In this instance, you verify that the voter is listed in the book and that all information is correct before you let him sign and give him the correct ballot to vote. This position requires an initial training course prior to election appointments and state mandated election training.

The Deputy is responsible for setting up the flag and signs outside the polling location in the morning and taking them down that night and set-up/take-down of the voting booths.  During the day, the deputy remains outside the door of the polling location to greet the voters, and ask them to have their I.D. ready for the EPB inspector. They will also make sure the voting room doesn't get crowded during heavy voting periods, observe any people campaigning or getting signatures on petitions to make sure they do not violate the 150 ft. limitation, and, if needed, assist voters with special needs. If there is a line at 7 PM, the deputy stands behind the last person in line, not allowing anyone else to get in line. Voting ends at 7 PM, but voters already in line at that time are still permitted to vote. The deputy will also accompany the clerk to the election center that night.




All new poll workers are required to attend an orientation class followed by a specific training class. These sessions are approximately 3-3.5 hours long and is designed to familiarize a prospective poll worker with elections in Manatee County. Some of the topics discussed are duties on election day, hours to be worked, election training sessions, physical requirements and rates of pay. This meeting is beneficial to new poll workers because it may help them decide if the job is right for them.

Election Training Sessions
Florida Statutes require that all poll workers attend a mandatory training session for each election. Each person attending the training session will be paid, depending on the length of the class.

Physical Requirements
Physical requirements include standing, bending, lifting approximately 20 lbs., normal vision, hearing, and manual/physical dexterity.

Work Hours & Rates of Pay
The average Election Day begins at 6:00 AM and ends at approximately 8:30 PM. Currently, the rates for these paid positions are as follows (Training + Election Day):
Certified Clerk - $324.00
Certified Assistant Clerk - $279.00
Certified Tabulator Inspector - $208.00
Certified EPB Ballot Inspector - $221.00    
Election Deputy - $208.00