Voter Registration Data Requests

Manatee County Supervisor of Elections

Requesting Voter File and Absentee/Mail Ballot Information - F.S. 97.0585, 119.01 & 101.62(3) 

Voter Registration Information Available in the Following Formats:

  •  LISTS: Cost: $.15 per page
     Lists include: Voter’s name, home address, mailing address if any, party affiliation and precinct number

 Lists Available by:

  • Precincts, Districts, Municipalities or Unincorporated Areas.
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Precinct/Alphabetical Order
  • Precinct/Street Address Order - Walking List
  • Household Order - “To the xxxxxxxxx Family at—” or “To the registered voters at—.” Reduces 
    number of voters selected by approximately 30-40%

  •  CD ROM: Raw data in CSV (comma delimited) format is available on CD ROM. Record formats and list of codes for your programming needs are provided. Cost: $10.00 per CD ROM (Upon request: District and/or Countywide voter history is available on CD ROMs. A maximum of 20 elections may be included. You may designate which elections you wish to have included)


 Vote by Mail Ballot Information - F.S. 101.62(3)

 Only the following entities below may request and receive Vote by Mail ballot request information.  The information may only be used for political purposes.

• A canvassing board

• An election official

• A political party official

• A candidate who has filed qualification papers and has opposition
 (Reports only available after qualifying period has started and candidate has been determined to have

• A registered political committee

A registered committee of continuous existence

The Requester must fill out and file with the Supervisor of Elections an “Access Application for List of Voters Requesting Vote-by-Mail Ballots” form swearing he/she is a qualified entity as stated above.


Vote by Mail Ballot Request Reports Available:

  •  “All Elections” Request File - voters on the biennial request file.
  •  Current Election File - voters requesting Vote by Mail ballots for a particular election.

The initial Vote by Mail ballot mailing and Vote by Mail updates are on the Supervisor of Elections website with a login and password.  No recurring reports will be scheduled after the Friday before the election.

 Placing and Obtaining Orders:

  •     May be placed in person, in writing, by fax, by email or by telephone.     Data Request Form
  •     Payment: All orders must be paid in full when picked up.