DS200 Precinct Scanner & Tabulator


The DS200 precinct vote scanner and tabulator combines the best attributes of a paper-based ballot system with the flexibility and efficiency of the latest digital-image technology – taking traditional optical-scan ballot vote tabulation to a new level. The DS200 is the industry’s most widely used digital precinct scanner. At Early Voting and on Election Day the DS200 will read and tabulate each ballot as it is inserted by the voter. Ballots printed from the ExpressVote machine will also be placed in this tabulator by the voter.

Key Features

Modem: Accumulates and transmits votes directly from the polling place

Flexible: Processes a variety of ballot sizes and designs, from 11 to 19 inches, including the ExpressVote® machine

Convenient: Lightweight, compact, and easy to set up and use in the polling place

Progressive: Includes extra USB ports and expandable memory to accommodate evolving Election Assistance Commission (EAC) standards

Smart: Uses Intelligent Mark Recognition (IMR) technology to eliminate guesswork when determining a ballot mark for a candidate

Large Communication Screen: LCD touch screen improves communication with voters

Power Management: Internal battery pack provides reliable and sustained power management, even during a power outage



ExpressVote® is a Universal Voting System that combines paper-based voting with touch screen technology to create a breakthrough in voting solutions for early vote centers and on Election Day in precincts or in early voting locations. As a universal voting system, ExpressVote allows all voters, including those with special needs, to cast their ballots privately and autonomously..

After the polls have closed and the last person has voted, the AccuVote-TSX is secured, preventing any further votes from being cast. The results of the votes cast are printed and posted at the polling place and also transmitted over a secure line to the Supervisor of Elections’ vote tabulation system. Once received by the system, the results are accumulated into a county-wide report showing the total of votes cast at all precincts for each of the races in the election.